Although of Númenórean descent, Dâurukh (Ad.:  "Gloom-shout") was from the lands of Ûsakan in the Far South. He was known to the Orcs as "Durax." His leather armor boasted a profusion of vivid green, brilliant magenta, clear scarlet, and intense blue panels, and his triangular shield displayed a needle-fanged lantern fish with scales all colors of the spectrum. His temper resembled his vibrant garb; soldiers had good reason to stay clear of Dâurukh when he was angry. Stories of the Murnairtur's excesses— beheading a messenger who intruded on the general's bath, casting a dog onto the hearth when it's bark disturbed a military planning session, and spitting a camp follower on a spear when she spilled hot mead on Dâurukh's knee—circulated in the barracks. Like Driuecared, he guarded the borders of Rhudaur. His duties included protecting supply trains from Rhudaur to Angmar and organizing raids into southern Eriador.


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