Doncirith Forest

Dungirith (S."Dark Shudder") was a forest at the foothills of the Misty Mountains just West of the Holy Carrock of the Beornings. The forest blocked from view a pass into the Misty Mountains that would bring one out into the northern reaches of Imladris. The forest trees themselves were relatively benign though it proved to be an area contested by the Beornings and the Goblin tribes of the Misty mountains. Wolves and Wargs could be found in this forest as well as quite a few of the rarer herbs in the region. On occassion, trolls had been known to wander the forest. Further West into the mountains were goblin holds and caves tunneling through the bones of the earth. This forest was often a staging place to find goblins seeking trouble in Beorning lands.  In T.A. 2660, Prior to the Cleansing of Erebor of Smaug,  a landslide closed this relatively short route across the Misty Mountains.  With the realm of Imladris no longer a direct threat, the Goblins of the region had a freer hand in harassing the inhabitants and travelers of the Men-i-Naugrim.  In the highlands of this region there were Giants.  At one point, Gandalf convinced them to stopper up the holes of the goblins, a short-lived, if amusing solution.


Original Form: Doncirith (corrected to "Dungirith")


  • MERP:Arnor
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