Dunael ("Tuiniaith") was the name of the language spoken among the Dunmen or later their descendants the Dunlendings. It was a remnant of the ancient Daenael languages of the Second Age and closely akin to the tongue of the Haladin.


Outer Information

  • The only Dunael words known from The Lord of the Rings are "Forgoil" ("Flax-heads",the dunnish term applied to the Rohirrim) and maybe the name of the River Adorn. The names of the two dunlending Chieftains Freca and Wulf seem to be of Rohirric origin or at last can be explained from Anglo-Saxon. The MERP books usually gives the Dunlendings modified Gaelic names, while the METW Card Game uses Welsh. Decipher's Lord of the Rings Role Playing Game uses Welsh as well as fantasy forms. LOTRO also uses modified Welsh. In spite of this, the word "Forgoil"'s closest equivalent in terms of pronounciation and meaning is an Iberian Celtic word for straw roof or blonde-headed person, "Varga" or "Farga". It doesn't seem that similar, but it is entirely possible that "Forgoil" is in a Westron plural form, and reducing the "il" would give one "Forgo", which is close. However, even this possibility indicates that the novel version of the Dunlending language, while probably meant to sound Celtic, is possibly a more archaic Celtic language than the versions most expanded media give it, and almost definitely a Q-Celtic or Goidelic one like Scottish Gaelic, rather than a P-Celtic or Brythonic one like Welsh.

Dunlendish Wordlist

Algraig - Outlier
Avanc-lûth - Beaver-Vlan
Brenin - Small King, Hill-Chief
Bugan - Goblin
Caru-lûth - Stag-Clan
Cleddyf - Dunnish broadsword
Coblun - Goblin
Corrach - Dwarf
Cun Annun - Underworld Hounds
Cuthraul - Devils
Derfel - oak-prince
Derudh - Wise, Mystic
Dievlig - accursed
Draig-lûth - Dragon-Clan
Druggavar - Evil Goats
Duvodiad - Stranger, Newcomer
Galtrev - Hill-Town
Gurach - Witch, Hag
Gwiber - great Worm
Hebog-lûth - Falcon-Clan
Lhanuch - Ox-Village
Maer - Mayor
Rhi Helvarch - King-Hunter
Tuin - Hill
Tûr Morva - Marsh-Tower
Turch-lûth - Boar-Clan
Uch-lûth - Ox-Clan
Ufern-helgi - Hellhound


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