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The Dumbledors were a ferocious race of winged insects. They were essentially 6-8 pound nasty, oversized black and yellow wasps with a potent poison.

Detailed Description

"He battled with the Dumbledors, the Hummerhorns, and Honeybees"
- Adventures of Tom Bombadil
"Insect eyes," [Bilbo] thought, "only they are much too big."
- Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

The Dumbledors were giant Bumblebees with colorful black-and-gold striping, each weighing as much as ten pounds and possessing a wingspan upwards of four feet.Dumbledors lived in social nests, though they were solitary predators. They were surprisingly aggressive and often attacked with little or no provocation. They were readily discernable, even at a distance, by their colorful markings and the low, rumbling drone of their wings.Dumbledors were not magical, though they might be mythical. If any still existed (or ever existed) in Middle-earth, they probably dwelt in isolated glens or wooded vales far away from the settlements of Men. Given that they were principally remembered in Hobbit lore, dumbledor habitat was likely the secluded vales of the upper Anduin from whence the Hobbits themselves originated.

Unique Special Abilities

  • Evasion – Dumbledors were extremely agile in the air. Able to hover and change direction very quickly, they could prove a difficult target to hit.
  • Venomous sting – A dumbledor's sting inflicted a light damage and injected paralyzing venom into the victim.


Dumbledore is an archaic word for "bumblebee".Its fitting to the usually absurd Hobbit-humor that the protagonist or "errantry" battled usually harmless insects.


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