Duinmir Drambor (T.A. 2900 - T.A. 3018) was an honorable Rangers of Ithilien who defended the land from any hostile enemies that sought to take it. He was the leader of the Gondorian Rangers that came from the uplands of Morthond, the great Blackroot Vale. He is also the father of Duinhir and grandfather of Duilin and Derufin. When the War of the Ring began, Duinmir led a large handful of rangers to support the defense of Osgiliath. Since rangers are more into fighting their enemy in forests, Duinmir fought alongside his son to support the defense and hold off Sauron's forces as much as then until reinforcements would arrive. However, reinforcements couldn't arrive in time and Duinmir was shot to by volley of Orc arrows that were meant to aim at his son.

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