Two Drûgs or Drúedain

The Drughu (Dn."Puchael") were an enigmatic race of Wild Men. Some scholars believed them to be akin to Orcs while others assume their race must have escaped from Morgoth's experiments in some way. Drûgs and Orcs, however, must have shared a common history in some way - hence to their deeply inherited hatred and enmity against each other.

In the First Age, some groups of Drughu had joined the fathers of men (or Edain) who had escaped from the Eastern Lands and had entered the Westlands. Some of these, the Halethrim, entered Beleriand in company of their Drû friends. These Drughu were considered part of the House of Haleth, and came to be known as the Drúedain. Their late descendants near the borders of Rohan were called Woses, or "Wudu-Wasa", by the Rohirrim.

The language of the Drûgs is known as Drûghic.

Drûghic peoples:


Drughu of Renown

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