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Droggo Nimblefingers


Time period

Droggo Nimblefingers, known as Bracegirdle, was a Halfling who grew up in 1690 T.A. on the edge of Geshân. His family was part of a small clan of Wildhalflings that had migrated to the area decades earlier from the west. He eventually found his way to Morrána and his companions and survived the ordeal. After the completion of his adventures, Droggo led a "quiet" life of commerce on the River Kôros.

He was supposedly the ancestor of the Bracegirdles.


For stats on Droggo Nimblefingers, see MERP Lords of Middle Earth Volume III, pg. 13-14.


The following Heroes were part of a fellowship which ventured through the Trollshaws about TA 1650

In TA 1690 Droggo was a fellow traveller of:


Droggo is considered an eleventh Level thief that has access to Unbarring Ways and Essence Way spells. In most games Droggo is considered a NPC, and Gamemasters may think to add more items to his persona. It is stated in ICE LOME Volume 3 that a powerful NPC from southernmost Endor wore one of the other "Amulets of True Channnels"; whether this is a reference to Moran or another powerful foe against the Court of Ardor is yet to be determined, but most likely the Amulet of True Channels was not used by Moran.

It should also be noted that Boah Agonar was most likely the reason why Droggo found himself in the Ardor campaign. Having adventured with Droggo, Boah convinced Droggo to travel with him back to the Utter South where he knew a Thief was needed. Despite Droggo's inquisitive nature, he liked adventure and appreciated Agonar's help in the Trollshaws, therefore he agreed to journey with him and Wonir.


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