Drisnak of the Red Eye


Orcish (Northern Orcish; Moria-Orcish); Westron; Black Speech
time period
Third Age about 3019

Drisnak of the Red Eye was an Orc-Sorcerer of Moria who lived in the Fifth Level near the Hall of the First Fathers. He dressed himself in rugged Elvish clothes (in truth probably rather Dúnadan clothes) and had an obsession with secretive lore.

As a skilled conjurer, Drisnak was formally inducted as the priest of the Servants of the Flame and dedicated his existence to the study of forgotten arts, that were taught in ages past by Goth and Shakhburz. The devices of the latter, such as the lost lore of the Rings of Power, fascinated him and only served as more fodder for his power-craving nature. His reverence for Shakhburz was only equaled by his dread of the Balrog, a being whose origin Drisnak traced to the Elder Days when Goth reigned in the North.

Drisnak sincerely believed that the return of Shakhburz would bring about the age of the Orc; he also thought that if the Balrog's wrath might be appeased, his fire would consume their enemies in the much-hated Lothlorien. The presence of the Sneak did not go unnoticed by Drisnak, though the small creature's intentions eluded him. After the Fellowship of the Ring had entered Moria Drisnak, aware to some extent of the one Ring, plotted to keep knowledge of it secret from his fellows to get if for Shakhburz or perhaps even keep it for himself. Unluckily he did not succeed in his attempt, as the clash with Gandalf the Grey forced him to flee and he was soon after slain for his cowardice by a Black Uruk chief.


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