The Dragon-lords were believed to be of god-like beings by some of the Easterling peoples. In fact they had once been real and powerful, magically-skilled dragons and serpent-demons which had in old times been pacified by superstitious sects of dragon-worshippers.

The best known Dragon-lord was a female dragon known as Utumkodur who had been worshiped in the Second Age by the ancestors of the Wômaw.

Dragonlords of Renown


In Rolemaster the dragon-lords are a group of six, very powerful Dragons who, by the help of six magical helmets, are able to shapeshift and take human form. Only one of them, Vorig Kye, makes an appearance in the Loremaster (ICE Series) module Vog Mur. If adapted to a Middle-earth background, the Dragonlords could be re-imagined as Wereworms.


In EA's BFME2, a dragon character by the name of Drogoth is known as the Dragonlord who unites the Withered Heath to fight for Sauron.

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