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The Dragon-Speech was a Melkian language that had its origins in Angband, where it was most likely taught or even invented by the first of the Dragons. While it was largely forgotten in the Westlands after the First Age, it had some impact on several of the Easterling Languages, notably Old Wômarin, Tyran, and Khailûzan, the common ancestor of Kheyan and Khyan and - to some degree - on Mornârin and Lênitanin.


Wômarian, Tyran, Kheyan/Khyan, Mornârian and Línerian - Kugor influenced languages

Melkian languages (Black)


The Dragon-Speech Kugor was originally invented by the ICE Authors, notably Pete Fenlon, who devised the language family as a fictional source for many names, languages, and place-names of ICE's early Loremaster and later Rolemaster and Shadow World Publications. The Kugor Language also served, along with his other invented languages Erlin, Iruaric, Loariki, and Syrkan, as vocabulary base for the Wômarin, Chejan, Chyan, Mornerin and Linerin Languages of ICE's Version of Middle-Earth.

the ICE Authors original inspirations and intentions for Kugor are unknown, but some of the derived languages are partially based on old persian, indo-aryan, eastern and meso- Amerind.