The Dragon-Ruler, Dragon-King or Lôke-Kân are supposed titles of the leader of Sauron's great eastern Host, the Golden Army.

Suggested timeline of the Dragon-Rulers


The original Middle-earth:Total war MOD, used the spelling "Loke-Khan", khan here was changed into "Kan" to avoid using real-world mongolic and to make it more similar to Quenya Cáno,as the easterling language may have been influenced by an avarin dialect still close to primitive quendian (Hinted at by use of the element "Loke", obviously the Quenya word for " Dragon,Serpent").


  • Dragon-King originally was one of the names of the Nazgûl Khamûl. It is suggested that Khamûl played a central role in uniting the disparate Easterling Tribes and forging them into one single military force. It seems possible that Khamûl took the role of the Dragon-King while forming the eastern army and passed the title unto his mortal successors. Baisheuin, Hûz III, Borthand II, Zhamik, Amdûr and Vacros all may have been Dragon-Kings or at last high-ranking officers is the Great Eastern Army.
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