The Dourhands were the remnants and descendants of Wicked Dwarves from Nogrod and Belegost who, under the leadership of Skorgrim Dourhand, one of the last heirs of the ancient Kings Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, out of greed had allied themselves with Orcs and Angmar. In the year T.A. 2418 these Dwarves invaded and destroyed the refuge of Edhelion to steal the relics of the Elves which Skorgrim thought to be able to prolong his life. After centuries of hiding and flight, in the late third Age, the last of the Dourhands sought alliance with the Witch-King in hope to avert their final extinction.


The Dourhands often had the red hair and broad shoulders or bellies of their Firebeard and Broadbeam ancestors and thus could easily pass - or disguise themselves - as Dwarves of the Seven Tribes.



In LOTRO the Dourhands are a faction of wicked Dwarves, possibly created as stand-in for one of the two houses of the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains whose names Turbine/SSG had not the rights to.

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