Remains of Dorthonion on Tol Fuin

Dorthonion (S. "Land of Pines") or Taur-nu-Fuin was the second most treacherous region of Tol Fuin, being a dayless wood, haunted by evil spirits, phantoms and great spiders. Trolls, huorns and nameless horrors slumbered waiting for the scent of blood. Once it lay pristine and green, the home of Ents, before Evil fell upon it. The forest was mainly pine, with tall, dark trees (which shed their lower branches in ages past) blocking all natural light. Eerie lichens and glimmers shone in the gloom. Even keen-sighted Elves were easily lost here.

The country of Dorthonion was also called "Taur-na-Foen" after its principal peak. The mountain rose above the treeline, perhaps alone of the peaks of the highlands. It was capped by a ruin of a fortress of the Noldor, rebuilt and extended by Sauron. Stripped of her cloak, the evil spirit Thuringwethil hid in the forests of Dorthonion. Sometimes ghosts here took the form of wolves, with burning eyes, and evil walked the land when ill will waxed in Middle-earth.


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Places of Note

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1st Age

Adanel Aegnor Andreth Angrim Angrod Arachon Arminas Arthad Baragund Barahir Belegor Belegund Belemir Beleth Beren Ercharmion Beren son of Belemir Beril Boromir of Ladros Bregil Bregolas Bregor Dagnir Dairuin Emeldir Gelmir Gildor Gilwen Gorlim the Unhappy Hathaldir the Young Hiril of Dorthonion Hirwen Morwen Eledhwen Radhruin Ragnor Rían Sauron Urthel


  • Dor i Thuin


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