Doran was an elderly man who lived in the outskirts of Esgaroth. He was among those that still remembered the past and what Rhovanion should've been like since the Smaug took over many years ago.


One of the Northron that settled in the region for a long time, Doran grew up in Esgaroth with his family and was always curious on wanting to know the story of what had happened to Dale, but his father would forbid it. As years had passed, Doran was known in Esgaroth to be famous storyteller, and finally understood the concepts on what he knows in the past, and how his forefathers survived the terrible firestorm that was casted by Smaug. Ever since he visits Esgaroth, he would often tell stories to children so that way they would know about the past and a prophecy that was foretold of a Mountain King that would return to Erebor, reclaim it, destroy Smaug, and restore order to Rhovanion.


Original name form:Dorian

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