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15,000 Orcs, 6,000 Wargs, 2,000 Spiders, and 50,000 Bats

Dor-Lun was an Orc Fortress located in the Ered Luin.

It was created in S.A. 3250 by Sauron and his orcs. Sauron promoted the Hobgoblin Darlung to King of Dor-Lun.

The forces of Dor-Lun attacked the Free Peoples several times, and caused damage to some kingdoms.

When Sauron was defeated in the Battle of Gorgoroth, Darlung retreated to Dor-Lun and he and his orcs made an alliance with other evil creatures (Wargs, Spiders, and Bats) that lived there.

In the Third Age, Darlung and his army attacked Lake-Town with the help of Mordú's Host; they were able to lay siege to the town and killed many guards and inhabitants, but soon Dwarves from Erebor arrived and supported the Lake-town guards. Mordú and his Nazgul had to retreat to Mordor and Darlung and his remaining allies retreated to Dor-Lun.

In the Fourth Age, Darlung attacked Dale again, this time with the help of bandits. Darlung almost killed King Bard II but King Thorin Stonehelm arrived and beheaded Darlung; with the defeat of their leader, the army of Dor-Lun retreated.

Later, the inhabitants of Dor-Lun stopped their attacks, Hobgoblin Garbunz then became the new chieftain.

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