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15,000 Orcs, 6,000 Wargs, 2,000 Spiders and 50,000 Bats.

Dor-Lun was an Orc Fortress located in the Ered Luin.

It was created in S.A. 3250 by Sauron and his orcs. Sauron promoted the Hobgoblin Darlung King of Dor-Lun.

The forces of Dor-Lun attacked the free peoples several times, and caused damage to some kingdoms.

When Sauron was defeated in the Battle of Gorgoroth, Darlung retreated to Dor-Lun and he and his orcs made an alliance with other evil creatures (Wargs, Spiders and Bats) that lived there.

In the Third Age, Darlung and his army attacked Lake-Townwith the help of Mordú's Host, they were able to lay siege in the town and killed many guards and habitants but soon dwarves from Erebor arrived and supported the Lake-Town guards, Mordú and his Nazgul had to retreat to Mordor and Darlung and his remaining allies retreated to Dor-Lun.

In the Fourth Age, Darlung attacked Dale again, this time with the help of bandits. Darlung almost killed King Bard II but King Thorin Stonehelm arrived and beheaded Darlung, with the defeat of their leader, the army of Dor-Lun retreated.

Later, the habitants of Dor-Lun stopped their attacks, Hobgoblin Garbunz then became the new chieftain.

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