Dongorath's Hold
Bar-i-Dongorath in T.A. 1640
Location of Bar-i-Dongorath on Rammas Formen
Vital statistics
Other names S.: Bar-i-Dongorath
Type Fortified house/tower house
Location Rammas Formen
Realm (None)
Capital N/A
Founded unknown (before T.A. 1640)
Ruler Dongorath (ca. T.A. 1640)
Summary a bandit hold in the wilderness north of Arthedain
Inhabitants Brigands
Language(s) Westron
Lifespan unknown (ca. T.A. 1640)


Ruins at Dongorath's Hold in TA 3018

Dongorath's Hold (S. Bar-i-Dongorath) was an old Manor and Fort in northern Arthedain. The hold lay on the edge of a sparsely wooded fell in an isolated region along the Rammas Formen (S. "North Wall"). The enclosure itself was built around what was originally a stone house and outbuildings. The main house with its affixed tower once comprised the entire hold, but the growth of the outlaw band inhabiting it demanded larger quarters. In years past, they were occupied by as many as 15-20 men, but fewer now passed between the walls. When first enlarged, the two towers were raised and connected by a thick stone wall. A similar wall joined the north tower and stable. Across the rear, which was protected in the main by the steep fell itself, two outbuildings were connected by a rough log wall.


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