No water creature was as intelligent or blessed as the Ulmondil (Q. "Friend of Ulmo"), the beautiful blue and white dolphin (porpoise). Seaborne mammals, they were servants of Ulmo (as opposed to Ossë) and fast allies of the Teleri. Their complex society and wide-ranging schools enabled them to act with startling unity when summoned by their master or friends, or when arroused by their enemies.

The gregarious ulmondili lived in hierarchical groups of 10-200 individuals, which in turn joined to form schools of 100-2000 creatures. Playful and agile, they rolled and leaped along the surface of the open sea, moving at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour. When they submerged, they could dive as deep as 1000 feet and stay down for as long as five minutes before they needed to resurface (they breathed through lungs, not gills).

An ulmondil had smooth blue (top) and white (bottom) skin and a long beaked snout. This snout was a formidable, mace-like weapon that contained an array of short, sharp teeth. Its bulging forehead encased a pad of fat that housed a sonar-like organ that enabled the creature to detect objects with stunning accuracy.


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