Dol Mithlad and Mithlad Vale

Dol Mithlad (S."Head of the Grey Valley",Hi."Cnocc Mag Céo") was a rhudaurian fortress and town in the Vales of the Mitheithel where it flew out of the Misty Mountains.The city was situated on a hill on the South bank of the Mitheithel where the river ran in a deep ravine, cut through a barren rocky plateau that sloped from the foothills of Misty Mountains. The rocky plateau was part of the Ettenmoors, the high mountains were about 30-40 miles east of Mithlad.A wooded area -Pinnath Aegring - was situated to the south of the city. The only decent road led to Dol Mithlad from the south, from Dol Duniath. To the north, over the bridge, there was an old road leading to the Pass of Dol Hithaer, and thither to Angmar and Gundabad, but that road was neglected ever since the Dwarves had lost Gundabad.Dol Mithlad belonged to the Princes of Mitheithel - the oldest noble house in Rhudaur.

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