Dol Coldirith or "Bone Hill"

The road from Cromm Bráighe south to the Trollshaws and the Great East Road had the traditional name Men Galedhol (S. "Greenhill Road"); but Rhudaurean soldiers and caravan mercenaries called it the "Bloodspear Trail" for the ambushes they endured whenever the Hillmen went on a rampage. The keep at the road junction was Dol Coldirith (S."Bronze-Guard Hill",Hi."Cnocc Dergfine"). It had been besieged so many times it was often referred to as Bone Hill.The Coldirith (S. "Bronze Guard") was formed by Eldacar, heir to the throne of Arnor, in T. A. 159 to encourage the native Hillmen of Rhudaur to enter his service. The unit attracted only renegades and turncoats and was filled out by assorted sell-swords. The Coldirith eventually evolved into a tribe of professional warriors, though they had always been despised by the traditional Hillmen, even after the Dúnadan Kings established relations with their erstwhile subjects. Although the Coldirith could not match the skills of the best Hillmen Rangers, they were very capable scouts.For many years the Coldirith,served the puppet kings of Rhudaur and engaged in a bloody feud with the Vulvsagias of the Angle.


Original form in MERP:Dol Cultirith


  • MERP:Arnor
  • MERP:Dark Mage of Rhudaur
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