This gentle-sloped hill was the highest elevation within Evermist, and on summer days when the warming sun assailed the foggy-mantle of the valley, the hill would appear to distant eyes as an enchanted island in the midst of a glimmering sea of ether. As its name signified, Dol Cembereth was the one place in Middle-earth that gave birth to the sacred cembereth tree, in whose seeds the healing power of the Earth Mistress ran. The grove clothed the hill's slopes and crowned its head in a great ring, forming an open glade upon the level summit. Here the Yavannildi performed their sacred tasks: the winnowing of the wheat from Ióbel Mallen, the harvesting of the cembereth seeds, the weaving of ritual garments for the Cuiviémar, the singing of hymns to the Earth Mistress. 

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