Hill of Dol Baran

Dol Baran (S."Golden- brown Hill")was a solitary hilltop within the Heathfells in the Gap of Rohan. The last hill of the Misty Mountains, Dol Baran stood as the western gate of the entrance into Nan Curunír. The rounded hill was skirted in green vegetation, topped with heather, and dotted with thornbushes.It was the site of several severe battles between the Rohirrim and the Dunlendings. Wolves, as well as forces of the White Hand, often prowled this hill, keeping watch over all who passed into the Vale, or through the Gap of Rohan. As the War of the Ring grew nigh, Saruman laboured to establish a permanent outpost here, creating a first means of defence and surveillance for the western ‘gate’ of Nan Curunír. Once complete it resembled the Eastern Outpost of the White Hand but at the early stage the site was little more than a clearance harbouring a collection of planks, tents, labourers, and the soldiers that oversaw them.


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