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Dog was the orcish for Fighter or Warrior.In some dialects the form was Nadak or Daug.The Word was related to primitive elvish ndâkô and noldorin Daug (Orc-Soldier).In the military organisation of Dol Guldur and Gorgoroth Nadak was also used as a rank, equivalent to a fully trained Soldier.Ten Nadaki were led by a sergeant known as the slasher or Uyâk.Similar Ranks among other tribes were Ushatar or Kragash.

Dogi, or Daug-Hai could also refer to the Breed of Fighting-Orcs.The larger Mountain Orcs were widely believed to be the descendants of the Fighting-Orcs of Angband or Barad-Dur.



Some fanfic and LARP scenarios also give the name of the fighting- or soldier-orc breed as "Nadak-Hai".

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