Doeth, also known as Durthak, "Squint-eye" or the "Squint-eyed Southerner", was a Half-orc from Dunland.

The supposed son of Squint, Doeth was cast out of the hills of Dunland like his father by his own folk for his rumored Orcish ancestry. A disgraced man, he tried to make a living as a merchant, but when that failed he turned to a life of crime like his sire.

After Squint's death, Doeth became Breeland's most feared outlaw, coordinating major thefts and raids on both the highway and even on town streets with the aid of fellow ill-favoured Men from the South. His feats attracted the attention of the chief servants of the Dark Lord, who saw in him a potential ally.

Doeth eventually received a contract from "Sharkey", who presented himself as Dark Lord's servant alone. He was to provide vital information on the Shire: detailed maps and lists of names of the local Hobbits, as well as to procure Pipe-weed, food and drink through the families of Bracegirdle and Sackville-Baggins and ship it all to Isengard. To this end, Doeth struck a deal with Lotho Sackville-Baggins to bring all needed things on the road to Bree.

Despite having been told of Sharkey's allegiance to Dark Lord, Doeth had been strictly instructed to report only to fellow rogues in league with Isengard alone, which made him wonder how genuine of a servant his employer was to his master. He knew not to question Sharkey, however, but considered distancing himself from him or sharing his secrets should the need arise.

To help him in his tasks in Eriador, Doeth recruited fellow southerners and disgraced Breelanders such as Bill Ferny, Muagan Yelloweye, Aldis Oatbearer, Ned Goatleaf, Ned Ashleaf, Willa Bloom and Oldenad to act as his eyes and ears throughout Breeland. As a trusted servant of Sharkey, "Squint-eye" reported directly to Wrnach the Spy-master, who rarely left the safe confines of Isengard, through the use of Caru, a Craban familiar. To strengthen his web of allies and agents in Breeland, Sharkey sent Doeth several more lieutenants to assist him: Long Tom, Euog, Gun Ain, Grimbosh, Hafoc, Sargulk and Athelwyn. He also orchestrated the arrival of many southerners by submitting Harry Goatleaf, keeping his son a hostage.

On his way to Isengard, Doeth was caught by the Ringwraiths and taken before the dreaded Witch-king of Angmar himself. Filled with fear, he revealed he was in Sharkey's employ, thus de-facto a servant of Sauron, and told them all he had learned in the Shire, as well as provided them with the maps and lists he had been entrusted with. Convinced, the Witch-king released Doeth, but not before reminding him he now served him, not Sharkey, and that should he go back to Isengard he would be hunted down until dead.

In service to two masters, Doeth supplied news from his informants to both Sharkey and the Witch-king, earning double the fee he would have usually been rewarded. He attempted to enlist Breelanders in his gang of ruffians, but was prevented by several goodwilled travellers. Doeth stood by Bill Ferny's side at the Prancing Pony where they found that Frodo Baggins was there and tried help the Ringwraiths get their hands on him, even going as far as to order Euog to cut the Hobbits' ponies loose. However, Doeth and Ferny did not count on Aragorn's presence there and the halflings were able to evade their clutches.

During the War of the Ring, the Dark Lord and Sharkey sought to extend their influence in the West. To this, Doeth gathered his company of ill-favoured men and prepared to pillage and plunder Breeland. The ruffians attacked Bree-town. As a bloody skirmish ensued between the villagers and the outlaws, Harley Bramble went on to confront Doeth and ended up mortally wounding him. Dismayed by their chief's demise and their significant losses, the ruffians followed Bill Ferny and fled into the forest.


  • Belt
  • breeches
  • Jacket
  • leather boots
  • leather gloves
  • leather hat
  • leather shirt
  • long Knife
  • Pipe
  • Vest
  • Whip


In welsh Doeth means wise or prudent.


  • Middle-Earth collectible card game, the white Hand
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