Silver-haired and stooped with age, Dianach had served the White Wizard almost all her life. She once belonged to the Gáesela, the Dunlendish folk of the West-march of Rohan; when she was a child, she dreamt of riding along the riders of King Fengel as a shieldmaiden, a fancy that her family was quick to dispel: she would become the wife of a fisherman, like her mother and her grandmother before her, but Dianach was too wild and rebellious to accept such a fate, and once grown to a robust girl, she abandoned her village to roam north, across the empty expanses of Enedwaith and Eriador beyond.

Several months later, by the ruins of the bridge of Tharbad, she came upon the White Wizard in his wanderings. He smiled upon her fair face and listened to her story. When she was finished telling it, Saruman told her that if she was able to find her way to the gates of Isengard he would have a place for her to stay. She has spent almost five decades in the service of Saruman the White, as a scout while her youth sustained her, and then as a doorwarden in the Tower of Orthanc. She had seen many wonders in her long life, and heard many secrets. None had escaped her lips in the presence of strangers. Her tongue was much looser when the White Wizard asked her to tell him about the latest news and gossip that was spoken in his domain: old Dianach was the favourite informer of Saruman, as she was quick of hearing and her insight was deep.


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