With the Fall of Sauron his empire vanished, but not the heirloom of the military traditions his former realm had spawned. In the Fourth Age the Scribes knew these militaristic traditions as the Derngorgor (BS."Gúrat-Gurgur"), though this was not the name the proud Warlords used for themselves as they came from different cultures and traditions, from the Easterlings, the Haradrim but also the Guldurim and the Men of Mordor. These Derngorgor often quarreled among themselves or found themselves allied with the factions of the Westlands who had to rely on able confederates and auxiliaries to pacify the uneasy provinces of Rhûn, Haradwaith, Khand and Mordor. After all these militaristic societies, who praised nothing as high as strength and bravery, were a culture of professional Soldiers who could appear either as mercenaries or as raiders to the Lords of the Reunited Kingdom, and often the new Lords of the West found the Derngorgor useful, although cruel and terrifying, tools.

Supposed Members

Ayorzén Caiode Felês Itana Ovon Khôragan Ortakûl Selâth Ugrukhôr Vacros Yadêphal

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