The Demons of the Void, (Q."Cúmaraukar") also known as Demons beyond the Pale,  (Q."Haniscari") were a species of horrible immortal Spirits.They were Ainur but different from the Valar and Maiar who had entered the world Arda from the beginning and were instrumental in it's shaping.The Demons of the Void stayed outside of Arda in the outer darkness of Kúma or the Void although a few of them later descended into Arda and took Fánar or Hroar appropriate to their being.Many of these Demons had once met the Spirit of Morgoth on his long wanderings and explorations throughout the Void and were corrupted by him, others had a destructive or selfish nature on their own that separated them from the noble ëalar who had stayed with Eru within the Timeless Halls.

Known Demons of the Void

Asatthoth Atlatnacca Aztaur Gilthrang Kuzkûlzûp Morlokh Ungolianth

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