Carved by glacial action long ago the beautiful alpine valley of Deeping Coomb ran up from the rolling plains and threaded between the mighty peaks like green fjords.At the end of the Deeping Coombe behind the Hornburg lay the entrance to the Glittering Caves, in the upper caves of which where the settled folk of the Comb vale could retreat when enemies burned and despoiled their farms.Over a mile to the west over a spur of rock along the eastern side of the mouth of deeping coomb stood Witeberg, the nearest town.

Places of Note

Awful Stair Beirgealga Craegstrem Deeping Stream Glaemscrafu Heahall Helm's Deep Helm's Dike Hornburg Hornroad Juggler's Close Juggler's Hall Riddernok Sagolwic Slawsun Snotorn Swefnic Tilsun Trihyrne Witeberg Witegawic Wreitersun Wulflód


  • MERP:Riders of Rohan
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