A Deep-Orc

The Orcs of the Deep ("Orog") were the descendants of lesser Gongs of the First Age who had retreated completely from sunlight under the earth to the vast subterranean realms of the Underdeeps. They were close relatives to the Snagas or lesser slave-Orcs of Mordor, Isengard and Dol Guldur but had adapted themselves perfectly to the netherworld.

The Moria Goblins, notably the Snagahai, were of this race, as were the Goblins of Goblin-Town, the Mucklings of the Undermarshes and the Moon Goblins of the Cracking Fells. The latter were also often referred to as Burrow-Boggles and Rock-Hoppers, especially by the Hobbits of Eriador.


Deep Orcs were the smallest breed of Orc, standing not taller than Dwarves or even Hobbits.They had flat nostrils, sharp teeth, large pointed ears, enlarged yellow, red or pale white eyes, thin hair and sallow - yet swarthy - skin.


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