the Great Forests of the South in the First Age

The Dark Forests of the South (Q. "Hyarlúrëatavastar", Ad."Murkharâtôri", Av."Tauri Moretan") were a far woodland region in southern Middle Earth of the Second Age. According to Númenórean Explorers as  Tar-Aldarion the Area exceeded the size of the entire Island of Númenor several times. With the Númenórean expansion, the great cataclysm and the fires of the great wars, many of the southern woodlands were destroyed and the southern continent's face was severely changed. Many smaller woodlands of the Third Age were remnants of the ancient dark forests of the south, including the Sûza Sûmar, Gái, Sára Básk and most of the jungles of the Utter South such as Mighty Green, Tathóm, Tauri Calan, Tontauri, Usakal Forest and the jungles of Mûmakan.


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