time period
about 1st Age - T.A. 1640

Dardariann (PQ."Tartariganna"; "Noble Crowned Queen") was an Avar queen who ruled Helcarth during the Second Age.

She had become friends with the Avatani of the Farthest East who later became the ancestors of the Wômaw and acted as teacher and advisor of their descendants, the family of the first Mûl or Kings of the Wômaw. As the Númenóreans started to explore the eastern shores of Middle-earth in the Second Age, Dardariann advised the Mûl to be suspicious of the Newcomers who treated the coastal folk as barbarians. Her fears seemed to prove right as the King's Men faction grew stronger among the Men of Númenór and adventuresomeness and exploration turned into despise of lesser men and lust for power. 

Dardarien also became friends with a foreinger calling himself Annatar, obviously a Maia of Aulë's folk who had befriend Dardarian's long lost Noldorin kinsmen in the westlands. She even made ties between Annatar and a young Wômaw prince called Khamul, who later would receive a present of Annatar that should support him in his fights against the Númenórean explorers and trading outposts in the East: a Ring of Power.


Original form: Dardarien = Dardariann


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