A ritual Dancer

A Dancer is a Person skilled in the art of Dance and often music, singing and acrobatics.

Nearly every culture in Middle-Earth had it´s own dances, the hobbits for example danced the flip-flap, Jig , Swirl-dance and the Springle-ring, the Beornings danced the Dance of Sun Return, the Maiden Toss and the Joy Dance or the ritual Blossom Dance, Honeydance, Dance of the Gift and Dance of the Living.Among Elves Dancing was an art of the highest skill that appeared as a kind of Magic to mortal Eyes.

Dancers of Renown


In Rolemaster the Dancer is a playable profession.Similar Professions include the Geisha, Dervish, Houri.

Possible Dancer Professions or Orders

Known Dances

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