Dalpygi tribal-chief

The Dalpygi (Ah."Breeders of white Oxes") were a descendant of those Aharian tribes that had settled in the area known as Dalpygis, east of the Talathrant river.

Being a very unstable area, where wars and immigration frequently occurred, Dalpygis inhabitants had in their blood a very unique mix. Much of this blood was Aharian, but also ,because of the many invasions of the Khandians and the Khey, they were distinguished from their ​​Rykholi and Kargarim cousins.

Their main settlements were around the various featured rolling hills of the area. The village of Khurmand was the largest Daplygi settlement and center of trade and culture in the entire surrounding area. The Dalpygi were well known for their breeding of Oxen, and their diet was mainly based on Ox beef, although there were some fishing villages along the Talathrant. Oxen were also important for many crafts as they provided skins, horns and other bone ornament. Dalpygi adornments made from ox hooves had high value in the western lands. It was said that the horn of Gondor that was carried by Boromir son of Denethor II came from these lands.

The armour of the Dalpygi was also made of bone, as many of their weapons. Later, the Dalpygi were annexed by the younger confederation known as the Kul-Ahar, and although they never entirely left aside their traditional clothing or weapons made of bone, armour of steel became more common.

Their dialect was common Aharian, but heavily influenced by the Dragon-Speech of eastern Endor.

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