Guardsmen of Dale

The Dale-folk or Dale-men (Del."Dálringi") were a Northron tribe that inhabited the Dale-Lands surrounding the Lonely Mountain. They were the descendants of Arrónai - wanderers and a tribe closely akin to the Edain of the House of Beor. Originally the Dale-folk were a confederacy of a number of related clans including the Kiusanthiuda, Aldungs, Dalthiuda, and Waihiungs (or later Kyrethid, Aldurings, Dalethid, Félagar and Stanthid).


In most adaptions, either the old ICE MERP Sourcebooks or the Hobbit movie Trilogy, the Dale-folk are portrayed as a Slavo-Norse culture, similar to the historical Rus or Varangians.

Dale-men of Renown


  • The MERP Lake-town Sourcebook gives the names of the Dale-folk clans as Aldurlingas, Daletheod, Feotlingas, Krytheod and Stahnotheod - modified Anglo-Saxon forms.
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