One of the rarest and most treasured herbs in all of Middle-earth, soldier’s root was a small, stringy plant whose stem and leaf were no larger than a clover. The plant’s orange, pulpy root was greatly valued for its ability to lend strength to those who ate it. It was also known as dagorthond (‘battle-root’) among the Elves at Imladris.

Location: Among the rocks alongside the Loudwater near Rivendell. Fresh Term: 1 hour Prepared Term: 1 week Effect : When prepared by a herbalist, a dose of soldier’s root enlarged one’s Strength for 24 hours. Soldier’s root had one serious drawback that led most captains to forbid its use and the Elves of Rivendell to purge the plant when they found it. Anyone who consumed soldier’s root had to show great Willpower or would be affected as with the Battlefury for the duration of the herb’s effect. Furthermore, in a stressful situation, those under the herb’s influence annd with not enough Willpower or resort to violence to resolve any problem that presented itself.

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