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Grima´s Dagger

A dagger is a double-edged short-blade used for stabbing or thrusting. They often fulfill the role of a secondary defense weapon in close combat. In most cases, a tang extends into the handle along the centreline of the blade.In Middle-earth daggers were used by almost every culture, though it was likely invented by the Eldar, the High-elves called it "Naica" or "Sicil" and the Sindar and Noldor "Sigil".The earlier Elves of Cuivienen and primitive Avari did not have a proper word for "dagger" but called a dagger-like knife a "Sik", which later evolved into a weapon known as the "kynac".

A Dagger design developed especially as a ranged weapon is called a throwing dagger.The Númenorians used a mix of a Dagger and short sword called Eket.

Other variants of the dagger included: