Daeron the Dark (S."Memory of Shadow") was a Sinda Elf and considered to have been the greatest of all Elvish minstrels. He was loremaster and bard to King Elu Thingol. He fell deeply in love with Lúthien Tinúviel, and twice betrayed her to Thingol in the matter of Beren Ercharmion. When Luthien finally escaped Hirilorn, Daeron wandered away in despair to seek her. Eventually he passed far into eastern Middle-earth and dwelt in Eriador where for many, many years he sang his love and loss of Luthien. Daeron was driven in grief and had recently disappeared.


Daeron may be assumed to have been an extremely passionate, deft, and skillful individual—no one compared with him musically in Middle-earth. His melodies were inspired by Lúthien's beauty. Further to his credit was his reworking of the ancient Grey-elven runic alphabet. This writing, the Cirth, was probably the oldest form of common writing in Middle-earth, since it was widely used by both Men and Dwarves.


-a boy strong and merry
-dark Eyes
-fiery eyes
-lean fingers
-wary ears
-watchful eyes



  • Daeron the Dark
  • Daeron of Doriath
  • Daeron the Fluter
  • Daeron the ill-fated
  • Daeron the Minstrel
  • Dairon
  • Kapalen
  • the piper of Doriath
  • Sairon
  • Tifant
  • Tifanto


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