Daen Lintis

The Daen Lintis were ancestors of the Dunmen (and later Dunlendings).Their ancestors had been the Hearadin or "Southerners", a group from which the Halethrim and Drúedain had split-off when they were pressed to pass the later gap of Calenardhon.From these came the Dán Mor who settled the northern, and later southern vales of the Ered Nimrais (passing through the Cirith Nimrais in the West).After the Drowning of Beleriand many of the Baradhrim,descendants of those Easterlings of the House of Bór and House of Uldor who had served Morgoth, fled back into Eriador, some settling in northern Eriador, some in the hills of Rhudaur and Angmar, some wandering onwards either pressing far eastwards into the lands of Rhunaer or making themselves the Lords of the Dán Mor in the northern vales of the White Mountains who, to some degree, were their southeastern kinsmen.The descendants of the latter who stayed in the northern vales merged with their new subjects who evolved into the "Daen Lintis".These later eventually split into one group which stayed in Calenardhon and another which moved into southern Eriador,who became known as the Mabion Bran and the Gwathuirim.


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