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A Daen Coentis Couple

Danan Lin and Daen Coentis Settlement in the Second Age

The Daen Coentis (Dn."Skilled People"; S."Orodhoth" "Mountain-horde") were an ancient people in the White Mountains of Gondor. They later became the Oathbreakers of Erech.

The name "Dynion Celfydd" (Du."Men of Skill") prevailed among the Dunmen as late as the 17th century Third Age, and was used as a self-identification by the more conservative clans of Dunfearn (in distinction to the "Dynion Ingnaut").

Known clans

  • Asirac
  • Dobiac
  • Erastoc
  • Mar Hogo
  • Midach
  • Ogmal
  • Orgaron
  • Rendar
  • Riomhach
  • Sianwin
  • Torbet

Daen Coentis of Note

Braogha Bravantel Cober the fey Cumul Torbet Darnic Gov Semarg Héol Lalanna Merro Riac Morthec Gruan Naum Guennelon Reghian Ritha Lonn Rovik Marvran Slaeg Smardo Dobiac Sogran Erastoc Tanray Thirrio Orgaron Torac Tan Gar Ygana Torbet