Daen and Drûghu meet for the first time.

family tree of the daen peoples

The Daen (Dn. "People" or "men", related to Sindarin "Edain", "Followers" or "Men";S.Haradain, "South-men") or Haldadians were a group of mannish peoples in the Second Age. Although they were actually by language kinsmen of the Haladin, and thus related to the Edain, they were counted as Arrónai by many Loremasters. Others considered them Middle-Men. Most of the original mortal inhabitants of Gondor were of Daen descent, as were most of the Southerners or southern Eriadorians. Most prominent among the descendants of the Daen were the Dunlendings, who had preserved many of the archaic rites of their ancestors.


The Daen were a stout folk of short to middle-height. They mostly had a swarthy complexion and dark, brown or black hair and eyes.


The early Daen knew little about the Gods except for old tales about the Voice and the Dark One. Only after the return of men from Beleriand they heard rumors of the Belain and started to worship spirits or deities. Among these Great "Bel" or Spirits were the Dark Mother Duram, the Earth Mistress, Fois, Gaoth the Lord of Skies, Gobha the Old Man of the Mountains, Mairb and Turaigh. Later many of them started to worship the great King, Shoglic or Marec.


Lineage of the Daen-Peoples:

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