The Dûrgana (ol."Dwarves, Demons") of the Moth-Mountains, the High-foot Smith-Caves, and the new Mountains of the Evenrust were a number of clans of Southern Dwarves in the Dark Lands great eastern continent. They were haters of all magic: "it vexes," they said, "the bones of the Mother". In their dry unhuman humor they called themselves the "Eldest Earth-Children", the "Volcano-Worms", the "Hammer-Suckers", the "Mother Lovers", the "Bastards of the Ice That Ate The World", and so on ¬ and indeed they were prodigiously long-lived.

The Dûrgana claimed to know the "Dream of the Firstfather", from the First Age, at first hand.Their tales of the Cold Mother of the Walking Ice, the Ônd-forest Earthdance and the "Anger of the Mountains" were both convincing and significantly similar to songs of the Old Ones.

The Old Ones, whom the Dûrgana called the Sun-Children, preferred not to see them, and the two races avoided each other.



The Dûrgana were stout and squat, mostly of dark complexion with black, wiry hair, possibly due to their largely Blacklock-ancestry.

Dûrgana of Renown

Kekkis Kekkisul Thrawn Ûsted Stone-Axe Uzbadbasân


Original name:Dwarrows

Based on: Middle-Earth Down Under: An Antipodean Campaign by Norman Talbot (Department of English, The University of Newcastle, University Drive, Callaghan, Newcastle, NSW 2308, Australia) ©1994 Norman Talbot; first published in Other Hands 4.

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