Dân (SA ca. 900) was a son of Grîz Mixedblood who in alliance with his younger brother Khâlin attempted a bloodless overthrow of King Brôn the Clumsy of Rûrîk. Of the Line of Thrár the Proud, the proud and combative brothers failed in the coup and spent several years imprisoned.


The Spelling of some Names was altered to move away from pseudo-old Norse Names, which represent the Language of northern Rhovanion and would have been unknown to the eastern Dwarves.

Original forms:

  • Bróin - Brôn
  • Dain - Dân
  • Drúin - Druin
  • Grís - Grîz
  • Khálin - Khâlin
  • Ruuriik - Rûrîk


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