A Dán Mor Couple


Dán Mor Settlement in the Second Age

The Dán Mor (Dn. "Great People"), also part of the earliest wave of Daen migration.The Dán Mor soon found that their weaker cousins were able to offer little resistance to their claims to pasture land, as they alone possessed flocks along with weapons of iron to guard them.In fact, the Daen of southern Gondor regarded the Dán Mor as having acquired these gifts from some divine power (which was not far from the truth), and would submit to their will in exchange for a share in these goods (or were too fearful to act otherwise).The Dán Mor, for their part, viewed dominion over their brethren as their right, earned through their faithful service to the King of the World, though he were now (as it seemed) vanquished for a time.In this way the Dán Mor established their power over much of what would later become Anfalas and Haerawreigion (for they had entered the lands of southern Gondor by way of the Cirith Nimrais and the other lesser passes of Andrast).Their supremacy lasted until the emergence of the Daen Coentis alliance in the White Mountains and the coming of the Númenoreans to the coastlands (c.S.A.500 and S.A. 700 respectively), after which time they were slain or driven away by their rebellious subjects .


Original form in MERP: Daan Mor = Dán Mor

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