Sakalurê (Ad. "Sun-coast") was a Black Númenórean from Umbar. Tall and strongly built, his jet black hair contrasted strikingly with his fair skin and light grey eyes. He was an old friend and companion of Dairkan and a staunch supporter of the general's interests. In their youth, the pair were ship captains and pirates serving the Corsair city together.

Sakalurê coordinated the frontier defenses in the large no man's land between Angmar and Arthedain. To the Orcs, whose tongues stumbled over his true name, he was known as "Cykur." He organized raids, questioned prisoners, received reconnaissance reports, and regularly toured the outposts. Sakalurê was usually stationed in Carn Dûm with the remainder of his men who were not deployed along the frontier. In addition to 5,000 foot soldiers, he had 100 cavalry under his command.


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