Curufin the Crafty was the fifth son of Feanor and most like him in skill and disposition. Next to his father, he was the greatest craftsman of all the Noldor and could have been a great help to his kin. He was also known as a wonderful rider. However, he was the most evil of the Noldor, being overwhelmed with ruthlessness, arrogance, pride, and the terrible Oath of Feanor. The extent of his crimes was great: with Celegorm he twice attempted to abduct and imprison Luthien herself; they dominated the councils of Nargothrond and drove out the rightful King, Finrod; they finally succeeded in capturing Luthien, but Huan the hound of Valinor set her free and they two went to aid Beren. In the brothers' most foul act, they attacked Menegroth to take the Silmaril there for themselves, committing more murder in the process. They were both slain by Dior.


Curufin was dark-haired andresembled Fëanor very much in face.



  • Atarinkë
  • Curufinwë
  • Curvo
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