Nan Morsereg

Tucked away at the Western end of the Emyn Engrin (S."Iron Hills") lived a secretive society of seers and mystics dedicated to the Cult of the Long Night (BS."Fai-Barzguyat").  They called their principal home Nahald Kudan (E."Secret Holes").  They had other enclaves or redoubts in population and trading centers throughout the region.  Overtly they lived in a cluster of shale-over-wooden-frame conical homes and offered comfort to travelers in this part of the world.  They would identify themselves as the Hermits of Nan Morsereg.  They were identified by white woolen shifts.  Should someone actually don their garb, the feel of human hair against their skin would be disconcerting, if not horrifying.  The hermits asked probing questions about travel conditions and items of interest.  Burly servitors would offer food, a warm fire, and homebrew to any who stayed with them.  Should a weary traveler accept, they would find the hospitality loosen their tongue and guarded information spilled out unbidden.  The Cult's members were typically very subtle with strangers until they could extract knowledge of their allegiance and motives.  Covertly they sought to gain adherents and contacts throughout the regions surrounding Mirkwood.  This strategic location permitted them to interact with the Asharag Orcs, caravans and wains of slaves and soldiers headed to Angmar from tributary Easterling tribes near the Sea of Rhûn.  They had contacts throughout the Northern portions of Mirkwood incuding Dale, Long Lake, Methelburg, Framsburg and into Angmar proper.  The key leaders received regular communiques from Dol Guldur.  They worshiped spirits of the dark and only the inner circle knew the actual name of the deity whereby they derived their powers, Sauron.  They studied the darkness surrounding the stars and the dark of the moon

The inner circle of this group called themselves the Zunghúri (BS."Piercing Lords").  They were exceedingly skilled in their respective fields and not to be taken lightly.  They were fond of drugging, torture, and subsequent sacrifice of anyone deemed an opponent and taken in by their guise as healers and hermits.


Original form in MERP:Maeghirrim = Zunghúri

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