The Cult of the Eye was the religion dedicated to the worship of Sauron as a deific figure. It was the primary religion of the Mordorians.The cults main agents were it's sorcerer-priests who acted as a dark clergy and controlled the local client-kings and tyrants of Sauron's empire.The High-priest of the cult was the Steward of Barad-dûr, known as the Mouth of Sauron, second in hierarchy was the Lieutenant of Morgûl .


The Cult of the Eye or Sauronite-Religion did not have an official name as in Sauron's empire it was the only official and legal religion and the formal cult of the State.However it's language of rite and etiquette was the Black Speech and within the ritual vocabulary of the Sauronite Clergy there existed quite a number of informal as well as liturgical self-designations for the true believers and devout followers of the Eye:

  • Fai-Shu (BS."Cult of the Eye")
  • Fai-Nartiltauga (BS."Cult of the lidless Eye")
  • Fhashu-Fai (BS."Cult of the Great Eye")
  • Shugolma (BS."Order of the Eye")
  • Augashrinukh (BS."Order of the Eye")
  • Tanka-Porandur, Fha-Porandur or simply Porandur (terms for "Sauron's empire";lit."the true empire","the great empire", "the empire")
  • Utnashauga (BS."Brotherhood of the Eye")
  • Uthnashu (BS."Brotherhood of the Eye")
  • Shakhbúrzbauri (BS."Sauronites" lit."sons or descendants of the Dark Lord")
  • Shakhbúrzdâgi (BS."Sauronites" lit."children or heirs of the Dark Lord")
  • Shakhbúrzlûki (BS."Sauronites" lit."scions or followers of the Dark Lord")

Outside of Sauron's empire however, or in regions of uncertain loyalty, the Cult used many other names, covers, identities or sought to infiltrate, undermine or corrupt existing religions or sects.


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