This large, ground-dwelling rodent was found on the Talath Harroch, the plain south of Mirkwood. They were reported to be totally harmless, an opinion which owed much to the lack of farmsteads in the Talath Harroch. Culcarnix could devastate a farm field. Nevertheless, they were totally unagressive toward other living beings.

Tailless and blunt-nosed, culcarnix lived in burrows beneath the earth, and could occasionally be seen standing on the mounds of earth by the entrances to their burrows, sniffing the air for any scent of approaching enemies. They had thick, red-brown fur that had at various times been much in demand by furriers. The Easterlings, for instance, raised them in great numbers for their hides. Thus, they had become scarce in areas where there was widespread settlement.


The depicted animals actually are apig-footed bandicoots.Bandicoots are not native to europe and can usually be only found in Australia-New Guinea.However the description of the Culcarnix comes closest to a bandicoot, so it should probably be interpreted as an unknown extinct bandicoot-like prehistoric animal.


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