Cuce-Cebbar, the Bottle-Spirit

Cuce-Cebbar was a Nush , a Colruh or desert spirit trapped and imprisoned by sorcery.He could appear as a 10' tall bronze-skinned Haradron Faerie Mage.In conversation he would try to overawe the locals, reminding them of his nobility and power, and flirting with any women in the area.When getting bored with conversation, he could expand his form to a height of about 300', fade away into transparency, and leave, eventually taking a person or some "souvenirs" as a trophy with him.

Adventure Hooks

  • Cuce-Cebbar was eventually entrapped in a flask which appeared in a coffer from Harshport in Far Harad.The Coffer eventually came into the possessions of Priam Cadwall, a wealthy landowner from Axbridge.The coffer also contained many other flasks and bottles, some containing Essences and potions and one even a Blood-Wraith.
  • Cuce-Cebbar taking some "Souvenirs" or a Person with him, could provoke a visit to Haradwaith.


  • MERP:The Shire
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