Newbury and Crickhollow

Crickhollow was typical small hamlet, comprised of hobbit low farmhouses of the sort favored as a retreat by well-to-do Shire-folk, Crickhollow lay just east of Brandy Hall and southwest of the Hay Gate.

Places of Note

  • Bolger Yard
  • Crickhollow's market faire
  • Forest of Crickhollow
  • Frodo's House
  • Hay Gate
  • Mailbox
  • Old Forest Tunnel


Berangar Highknoll Brumbald Tunnely Dono Boffin Dora Brandybuck Fredegar Bolger Frodo Baggins Gillemin Brandybuck Hodric Bracegirdle Lara Boffin Malvo Goldworthy Meriadoc Brandybuck Peregrin Took Rorimac Bolger Toly Brockhouse


  • MERP:The Shire
  • LOTRO:Breeland; Buckland; Crockhollow
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