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Creb Druga Terrain

Creb Durga (Orc. "Cleft of the Durga"), later known as Logeband was an ancient sanctuary of the ancestors of the later Beffraen. It was the burial Place of Durga.

  • Type: Natural Stronghold 
  • Inhabitants: 20% Troll, 80% Mixed Mannish
  • Population: 210 
  • Origin: Claimed by the Warlord in TA 1637
  • Purpose: A strong and secret base of operations in central Cardolan for the raids of the Warlord 
  • Symbol: A Green Serpent Coiled around the base of a Red Fortress

The Warlord's Trolls carved their base out of a craggy hill about 70 miles north of Sunthra Unsar. All of Cardolan's Hiri claim they would like to see the Warlord destroyed, but petty rivalries prevent the Princes from acting in concent. Even if a large force could be mustered against the Warlord, the defenses of Creb Durga would make it no easy task to dislodge him.



  • MERP:Arnor
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